I have been attending classes at The Yoga Place for almost 25 years. When I turned 50, I gave myself the present of two classes each week and intend to do this for the rest of my life. Yoga and The Yoga Place have changed my life, my body, and my mind!


Many years ago I started to practice Yoga at The Yoga Place for general fitness. I have been delighted to notice definite health benefits, but the benefits extend well beyond that. Yoga teachings are becoming a way of thinking and being . . . with a better attitude and increased gratitude.

-- Jan

The Yoga Place has taken my understanding of what it means to practice yoga to a higher place. The understanding of how to do the physical practice correctly has helped my back and hip issues immensely. But the best thing I have learned is what it means to do yoga; steady in the body, poise in the mind. I recommend The Yoga Place because of the emphasis it places on learning the tradition of yoga and the steady progression they offer to grow the practice.

-- Pam

I have been a student at The Yoga Place for several years and love it! The quality of instruction is exceptional! The staff is highly skilled and really know their stuff! Their approach inspires students to work and improve themselves. The attention to students' individual needs and well being and a commitment to the history of Yoga and its philosophy is always apparent.

-- Jim

The Yoga Place does not offer the latest trendy version of an ancient practice. The Yoga place is the real deal. I appreciate that the instructors stress the precise alignment, balance, and benefits of each pose. As a student for the past four years, I have gained a greater awareness of how my mind and body are meant to work together. The practice of Iyengar Yoga is a perfect complement to any other form of exercise.

-- Jeff

The Yoga Place with its extremely experienced teachers has been a life style change for me. Yoga has given me a sense of posture, flexibility, and mental confidence. It has helped to keep my diabetes under control and showing my grand children that I can do a head stand is the icing on the cake! Yoga is truly for everyone.

-- Hilary